Interested in Witchcraft or already a practitioner and would like to recommence, further or enhance your Path? 


As an experienced Intuitive Witch, High Priestess and Mentor, Juniper Rose uses her vast knowledge and many years of experience as a practicing Witch and Facilitator along with a background in Holistic Therapies and Holistic Meditation to offer guidance within a magickal framework that supports the setting up or enhancing of your Witchcraft Way.


This process helps you connect more deeply to your own personal power, assisting with setting better boundaries, aid with the removal of stagnation and blockages and the re-activation of flow.


Juniper Rose can help and advise on many areas through this work such as:


☆Beginner Foundations

☆Enhancing established practices

☆Lunar and Solar Magick

☆Elements Connections

☆Deity Connections

☆Protection Practices

☆Spellcrafting Support ☆Ritual and Ceremonial Planning

☆Sigil Creation

☆Meditation Practices


Note: Please see other shop items for different session lengths.


Full days mentoring may also be organised subject to booking availability. Get in touch for tailored pricing for this option.


Now is the perfect time to reach out and seek the guidance and support you need to Unlock your Magickal Potential. I look forward to working closely with you through these personalised sessions, tailored to your individual needs Blessings,


Juniper Rose.


  • The Wayward Path does not offer a refund option, we do endeavour to co-create with you a wonderful learning experience, tailored to individual needs.

The Wayward Path offers a supported space to grow and develop your own Unique Journey with Authenticity and Integrity.