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11th - 12th March.

Join the wonderful Clare Bailey, from Clare Bailey Tarot and I for a powerful weekend of connections as we bring together witchcraft and psychic foundations.

Connection to energy is a big part of witchcraft practices and we all have the potential to cultivate and further develop our psychic abilities, enhancing our magickal workings, no matter how experience we believe ourselves to be.

Learning to sense energy, to become familiar with your own energy and what is and what is NOT yours, helps to deepen communion with self and that/those that we work with.

Witchcraft in it's essence is about utilising power to change the energy around things so that we may better manifest our will, strengthening this ability enables us to create more potency within our craft and also our every day life.

This intensive weekend offers insights, guidance and support to help you become more aware of your energetic connections as Clare and I work together to bring you closer to nature and the nature of yourself. We have chosen a beautiful organic farm for this weekend retreat, situated in the incredibly powerful ancient landscape of the northern rivers caldera - the green cauldron, traditional lands of the Bundjalung peoples.

Situated close to the river and surrounded by nature, 3 Wishes organic farm is full of beauty and energy and throughout the weekend we will be working with the elements to help you shift your perception and deepen your awareness of your interactions.

Clare and I have been working closely together for some time now to develop a connect that we believe will offer you an opportunity to explore your power in a safe and supported environment, and so we invite you to embrace this opportunity to do so within the framework of this intimate setting capped at 13 participants.

We are looking forward to welcoming you into our circle for an enriching weekend of self exploration, nature, meditation, sensing, ceremony, beautiful food and a campfire under the stars.

Tickets through Humanitix:

Facebook Event Page:

We look forward to supporting you to Unlock the Doors to you Magickal Potential.

Many Blessings,


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