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Join me in-person at my home Sanctuary (or I am willing to travel to you if you live local to Murwillumbah area) for a nourishing and activating half day of combined services to support your magickal path:


Drum Healing




Followed by tasty treats to wind up our session.


I am offer witchcraft based mentoring personally tailoured to you and your journey, holding space for you to learn, to enrich and further your journey along this winding Wayward Path, so if you are new to witchcraft, your practices are stagnant or you need some support with something specific I would be honoured to guide you.


Guiding people on journeys is one of my gifts, anyone who has worked with me knows that my visual worlds are sumptuous places of discovery, healing and deep magick, this option allows for you to be taken on a meditative journey that has been curated or channeled for you personally.

Curated Journeys: give me a theme, a deity, a subject, and element or whatever you wish to work with and I will create a journey specific to this just for you.

Channeled Journeys: allow spirit to work through me to guide you on a channeled journey that unfolds for you exactly how it is meant to.

I also offer shorted sessions, please see the shop for options.

Please Note: If I am traveling to you it may incur an additional cost depending on where you are located.

I look forward to sharing space with you soon.


Juniper Rose

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The Wayward Path offers a supported space to grow and develop your own Unique Journey with Authenticity and Integrity. 

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