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Through September and October I returned to the sacred lands of Egypt with Light of Lemuria Sacred Tours with an incredible group of 11 magickal women for 2 magickal weeks of ceremony, meditations, sacred journeys and deep magick. Upon the main tours completion I chose to stay on for another week for Priestess immersion. This second pilgrimage to Egypt was even more transformative then my first visit in 2019, returning this time after 4 years of of painful but necessary shedding, releasing and rebirthing, I was able to better integrate aspects of myself and step through the portal of motherhood into eldership and embracing my Crone years.

This profoundly life changing immersion has supported me to grow so much more into myself and my gifts and deepen my practices and services to better hold space for those that are called to work with me via workshops, events, mentoring and coaching, both online and in-person.

I am also currently undergoing further coaching training to be able to offer more women centered services and soul coaching practices, so 2024 will see me rebranding, relauncing and blooming into even fuller potential to enable me to help create deeper transformations in the lives of others that are ready and willing to step through the threshold of change and create a life beyond their wildest dreams.

There is so much for us all beyond the capacity of our self imposed limitations, beyond our old stories and barriers, we all have the potential to create a life beyond our wildest dreams, with support and resources and courage.

This road to unbecoming all that we are not and embracing all that we are is not easy, it will offer up our biggest fears to challenge us to step into them and move beyond them in order to shift stuckness. I know this path so well having stepped out of a 20 marriage, having nursed loved ones as they lay dying, having supported loved ones with immobility and others with serve mental health issues. I have experienced poverty, substance abuse, isolation and loneliness, single parenting and low self esteem and lack of self worth, so many deeply confronting and challenging initiations to bloom fully into who I am now and who I am becoming.

I will not lie to you about this process being all light and beautiful activation's, it can be visceral, it can seem almost impossible but with the right support and resources and belief in our own value you have the potential to grow like a lotus from the depths of the stickiest mud.

I believe in you, I truly do, so reach out if you would like to engage in a supportive ally to hold space and champion you as you bloom through the muck. There are limited mentoring session left for this year, so get in touch if you wish to know more or be on the waitlist for my soul coaching sessions in the new year.


Juniper Rose.



As the year draws to a close I have 3 very special workshops coming up, further information and ticketing links are on the website under my Workshops tab.

Commencing 15th November for 6 Weekly Sessions:

Online Magickal Journeying - Wednesdays at 7pm AEDT (Sydney time) held within the private supported container of a Facebook Group, where all lives will be saved for you to rewatch if you should miss any until the end of the calendar year. We begin with a sacred journey with goddess Hekate and end with a special ceremonial live on Solstice Eve.

Sunday 19th November - Temple of Hathor.

This very special offering is in devotion to goddess Hathor who supported me to go so deeply into trance and remembering of my service to her in lives past at Dendera, Egypt. We will be utilising magick,movement and journeying.

Sunday 3rd December - Navigating Transitions with Hekate.

A powerful day of transformative connections with the goddess of crossroads, and Earth, Sky and Sea to support a deeper understanding of the cycles and transitions we have undergone this year.

I hope you can join me at one or all 3 of these offerings, my heart and soul goes into everything that I do.


Juniper Rose.

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