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When was the last time you felt completely present and alive in your own energy? Do you feel like you need permission or space away from loved ones or life’s demands to immerse yourself in what it feels like to be you in the totality of your own personal magick? What would it take to allow yourself to become more and more YOU, you in all your beautiful powerful unique magickal essence? Perhaps you are unsure as to how that even looks and feels, we all feel lost at certain times in our lives, moments where the way ahead feels so uncertain or so unreachable, creating a sense of hopelessness, I know because I have been there too!

The good news is, just as the seasons and cycles morph and change and the tides ebb and flow, so do we, we are ever changing beings, most alive when we embrace our fluid nature and allow ourselves to become more and more whole, integrated in all our shadows and light.

If you are in a place of chaotic busyness to avoid your own healing journey, feeling wired and stressed or in a stagnant state of stuckness, feeling trapped or heavy or stale, you are probably also feeling resentful, frustrated, hopeless or maybe even nostalgic for a time when you didn’t feel this way…….but, we all know the past is not the best focus for our energy, it is the now that is most important. When we allow ourselves to release what is holding us back and weighing us down and give ourselves permission to focus our energy instead on what enlivens us - our hopes for the conjuring of our dreams, goals and desires become real. Once we are ready to take a step towards these magickal keys of hope with as much courage as we can muster, the way becomes clearer and more often than not the steps we need to take are illuminated before us.

In every moment Healing is Happening - if we are open to receiving it, if we are prepared to put in the time and the work to alter our course, if we are willing to look at our own behaviour and who and what we are surrounding ourselves with, if we are truly ready to step out of the cages we build for ourselves, towards a more liberated, empowered and joyful version of ourselves, then we really can embrace more fully, a life full of meaningful magick.

Within the sanctuary of a Wayward Path Guidance Session, you have full permission to seek that which supports you to come alive! However that looks for you.

As an experienced and initiated priestess, intuitive witch, teacher, facilitator and dedicated student of the mysteries, I am here fully present and willing to hold a container for you to explore who you truly are, who you wish to step more fully into, and to help guide you through this, at times daunting process. I also truly understand what it means to release a life of stagnation, to gather the courage to step outside the confines of a self-made prison, I know how terrifying it can be to transverse the void of uncertainty, to face the fear that seems to stand ominously before you, blocking the way.

Utilising many years of witchcraft practices including spellcrafting, ritual and ceremony, devotional and spiritual experience, mentoring, movement and a background in holistic therapies, meditation, journeying and breathwork, a deep connection to Nature and the support of various deities, guides and guardians, alongside tools such as medicine drums, rattles, mirrors, tarot and oracle cards and beautiful sacred oils, I am available in my home or yours to offer you an immersive experience to support you to; Come Alive.

The Come Alive Package includes any and all of the above depending on your needs, to support you to take steps forward upon the journey of integrating wholeness within yourself and your magickal practices, It may be used as a stepping stone to reclaim your focus or as a series of regular sessions to more fully support your ongoing journey.


3 Hour Session - $313 (includes nourishing snacks)

1.5 Hour Follow Up Sessions - $111

Please note: I live in Murwillumbah, Northern Rivers NSW, Australia, f you live within my local area I am more then happy to facilitate this experience within your own home if you prefer. If you live outside this immediate area there may be a travelling fee to cover my time and expenses. If you live much further away, I may still be able to travel to you if you know of other people that also wish to book an experience on the same day or following day, this will need to be discussed further to gauge costing involved.

I am also able to create workshops tailoured to private groups, if you wish to honour a certain celebration, learn something specific or host a day of journeying and connection, so get in touch for pricing for this option.

If you feel that it is time to reclaim your Magick and truly Come Alive, I would be honoured to guide and support you, to hold space for you to undertake this revitalising journey of self-discovery.

Please utilise the contact form to request availability before purchasing your booking, if you would like a shorter timeslot please see my stand alone session offerings and pricing. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Magickal Blessings,

Juniper Rose

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