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Greetings Wanderers of the Wyld and Welcome to The Wayward Path, a Sanctuary for Magickal Folk who wish to immerse themselves in the moonlit shadows and the deep places of this world and beyond. Hail to those that find themselves at home in Nature, who seek to balance the Feminine and Masculine, the Darkness and Light within, who wish for harmony in all things.


I am Juniper Rose, Southern Hemisphere based Priestess, Mentor, Facilitator and Meditation Teacher, Shadow Serpent Priestess of Medusa, Hekate, devotee of Anubis and an initiated priestess of Sekhmet, Isis and Hathor. I work with the transformative energies of both Darkness and Light, and seek to open doors for others that wish to navigate their way forward upon a balanced journey of self discovery. 


"I must also have a dark side if I am to be Whole." Carl Jung

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Now is the time to ........Unlock Your Magickal Potential.!

Magickal Blessings,

Juniper Rose



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Client and Student Reviews:

Juniper Rose is a fantastic facilitator. She brings passion and expertise to her field, and is truly authentic. I deeply appreciate her work in skillfully sharing esoteric knowledge, and in creating a welcoming atmosphere that brings together like minded people so that friendships and community can flourish. Many Thanks.



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Wayward Meaning:

Given to wilfuldeviation from the expected norm......  The Wayward Path encourages free thinking individuals who seek to forge and follow their own unique Path!

This website and all my work is undertaken with deep heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for my Guides, Guardians, Deities and in acknowledgment of the Traditional Owners of the Sacred Lands in which I dwell, The Yugambeh and Kombumerri People. As a Priestess of the Earth and the Great Mysteries Above, Below and Beyond, I vow to protect and preserve this special place in anyway that I can.

I also to wish extend my thanks, to all those that chose to connect with The Wayward Path, all past, present and future students and clients, thank you for choosing me to guide and support some of your journey, it is an honour to walk this path with you and to assist you with Unlocking Your Magickal Potential.

To my peers and my family and friends and my beautiful Coven Sisters, thank you for your love, support, guidance and inspiration.

In Darkness and Light - MAY WE BE BLESSED.!

Magickal Blessings,

Juniper Rose

The Wayward Path offers a supported space to grow and develop your own Unique Journey with Authenticity and Integrity.