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Greetings Magical Folk and Welcome to The Wayward Path,

This new website has been a long time in the making partly due to the chaos of this year of great upheaval and change, partly due to family commitments, however I wish to extend a hearty welcome to all that now pass through this portal and look forward to connecting with you through one of my personalised offerings or group workshops.

As I write this in early September 2020, Spring is flowing into my beautiful part of the World, this Magickal Ancient Caldera of Northern Rivers NSW, Australia, The Green Cauldron of the Ancient Tweed Shield Volcano and my gratitude at dwelling in such a Sacred Space during this time of great Pause, knows know bounds.

From my office window I can see the great Mountain of Burrigan (Springbrook National Park) as the mountain clouds shroud the escarpment and add to the mystery of this divine place, closer in my garden the late camelias bloom and drop their beautiful petals in cascades of pink and white, and the freesias fill the grassy spaces with their beautiful fragrance. Just now the male black Satin Bowerbird splashes into the bird bath as black cockatoos wheel across the skies uttering their powerful call, I am truly blessed.

As we enter the season of Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere and flow towards Spring Equinox, Traditional Date 21st September, Exact Date this year 22nd September, I am mindful of the transformations that are taking place both within and all around me, as I unfurl and blossom in tune with Nature. And with this Waning Moon and the opportunity to release the passing months of turmoil, I look to the season of growth that lies ahead and feel thankful for the Magick that is now flowing. It is very easy to feel stagnant right now, if you focus to much on the current worldwide situation, and the  negativity and frustration being emitted by many, so my advice is to take each day as a gift, to use it wisely and to ground and heal with Nature, to stand in your power and to protect and preserve your own environment.

This time of Transformation is an offering to create great change, use the power of the Elements to assist you:

Air to breathe in Clarity, to apply knowledge to create Wisdom.

Fire to Purify, to activate and ignite Courage and Determination.

Water to Flow, to forge new paths and to cultivate Intuition.

Earth to Ground, to Nourish and to Grow into the best version of Self possible.

Void to be Still, to Heal, to Reflect and to plant the seeds of unlimited potential.

Spirit to Infuse them All, to empower and to Inspire.

This website and all my work is undertaken with deep heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for my Guides, Guardians, Deities and in acknowledgment of the Traditional Owners of the Sacred Lands in which I dwell. As a Priestess of the Earth and the Great Mysteries Above, Below and Beyond, I vow to protect and preserve this special place in anyway that I can.

I also to wish extend my thanks, to all those that chose to connect with The Wayward Path, all past, present and future students and clients, thank you for choosing me to guide and support some of your journey, it is an honour to walk this path with you.

To my peers and my family and friends and my beautiful Coven Sisters, thank you for your love, support, guidance and inspiration.

In Darkness and Light - MAY WE BE BLESSED.!

Magickal Blessings,

Juniper Rose


Beautiful image of the volcanic plug of Wollumbin (Mt Warning) from:

Home Burrigan.jpg

View to Burrigan from our garden, every day I am thankful for this Magickal Place in which I dwell and the energies that empower me......

The Wayward Path
Hekates Lake Chillo.jpg
Spring buds on the persimmon.jpg

Communing with Nature creates healing, through grounded growth may we blossom and thrive.

The Wayward Path
The Wayward Path

The Wayward Path offers a supported space to grow and develop your own Unique Journey with Authenticity and Integrity. 

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