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Thank you for your interest.


I am Juniper Rose a High Priestess The Wayward Coven which works with my own created Tradition, an Intuitive Witch and a lifelong student of the Mysteries.

Born in rural Australia, wild and free, my childhood was spent largely on horseback and along the creek amongst the whispering gums, stones, feathers and animal bones - communing with the spirits of the ancient landscape, this wonderful world was my universe before the futile attempts to arrange me into some semblance of an acceptable young lady began.


After the rigid environment of boarding school, which tried but failed to tame my wayward spirit, I fled to the teaming urban landscape of Sydney and immersed myself in the shadows of the goth scene, here I also discovered the wonderful esoteric and occult shops hidden in back streets, and  I began creating an urban witchcraft practice. 


In the late 1990s I journeyed to the UK to discover my ancestral connections and explore the potent energies of Traditional Witchcraft and Folk Magick, here  I lived for many happy years - a rather nomadic lifestyle within the ancient forests of England, traveling around in an old truck and discovering the magick of ancient Celtic sites, reveling in the energies found amongst the old stones - those sacred places that lay upon the ancient plains, heathlands and moors. This wild time in my life fulfilled my need to be completely free and helped integrate my ancestry into my practice.

During this English adventure, I also discovered the importance of Meditation, which has become a vital part of my witchcraft and holistic health practices and today is the basis of much of my work. I have now been facilitating Meditation Classes and Circles for over 20 years, it has gifted me with a grounded platform for growth and supported my healing journey and truly helped me to rediscover my truth, and along the way, birthed some incredibly potent connections to nature and deity.

Upon returning to Australia in 2006, I was called by Hekate and given one of my Magickal Names - Juniper Rose, and through her guidance I was supported to embrace the serpent energies entwining their way through my life and more fully accept my own personal power and in turn, to hold space for others to do so too.


Hekates timeless wisdom and powerful serpentine energy calls to me through my deep connections to Earth, Sea and Sky as they flow through this ancient landscape of the the Northern Rivers Caldera forged in fire and flowing with the energy of the ancient Serpent Creatress. .

The Lady Medousa is as equally important to my path and has been with me even longer,  really since High School where she enchanted me through the pages of ancient history texts, urging me to discover that she is so much more then she was portrayed through the histories of man. During the last year of school, I was  called to paint her likeness for my final major art work. Snakes have been appearing in my life since then and always at times of great Transformation and Rebirth. My calling has evolved to focus more strongly on my work as a Serpent Priestess, honouring this serpentine connection to both Medousa and Hekate and also to the powerful Egyptian deities that infuse my serpentine practices.


This powerful sacred snake energy coils its way through my practice supporting the shedding and transforming of the old layers and guiding the renewal and re-emergence and through this space between the Horns that I refer to as the 'Place of Becoming' I am ever undone and reborn. Regenerated and Rebuilt.


In March 2019, I was fortunate enough to journey to Egypt with my dear friend and priestess Sister Trisha Croft from Light of Lemuria Sacred Mystic Tours, here I revisited lives past in service to Isis and Hathor, underwent initiation with Sekhmet and deepened my bond with Anubis. And the powerful presence of Serpent Magick and Mythos so entwined within the ancient energies of Egypt stirred me deeply.


At the journeys end, in the powerful Catacombs of Alexandria - Kom el Shoqafa, I was called again by Medousa and spent time in sacred communion with her and Anubis in the very heart of the inner chamber, an unforgettable and potent experience. Throughout these ancient Catacombs, the Serpent energy flows with Medousa's protective likeness upon many surfaces from walls to sarcophagi and upon these walls too, the Agathos Daimon is also inscribed - The Good Serpent.

And thus my Spiritual journey has been spread over both hemispheres and across several cultures, weaving a path of ongoing learning and every day I am full of gratitude for the magick of this winding Wayward Path.

Thank you for finding your way here, I look forward to connecting with you further, If you feel called to please see my offerings and services or email me to create something unique for you.

Magickal Blessings 
Juniper Rose

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Photo by Tidal Creations Photography

Photo by Tidal Creations Photography

Through my work with The Wayward Path, I create Witchcraft based Workshops, Sacred Circles, Lunar Circles, Festival Event Offerings and also personalised Mentoring Services.

My workshops are delivered at both my home sanctuary and also various venues across the Northern Rivers and Gold Coast Region, my home is located near Murwillumbah, deep within the heart of the Caldera (the Green Cauldron) the region within the Wollumbin (Mt Warning) crater, the Ancient Tweed Shield Volcano that created in the stunning Northern Rivers landscape in NSW, Australia.This very special area is so full of ancient magick and pulsating life force energy and is traditional home to the people of the Bundjalung Nation, all my work here is practiced in respectful acknowledgement of these elders and custodians of this ancient land.

Delivering Workshops at Festivals is another of my passions and I have been involved with Starlight Festival Byron and O'Heart Festival Tyalgum and the 'Conscious Connection with Self' Women's Weekend at Kupidabin Wilderness in Qld.

The Wayward Path also offers Beginner Witch foundational knowledge training to those new or newer to their path, offering supported space to those dedicated to stepping into their personal power. The Wayward Path is an inclusive training environment open to all, all I require is dedication, motivation, willingness and respect.

So if you feel that it is time to embrace your shadows and revel in your Light, this may well be the place for you, head along to the menu and look at upcoming workshops, see the shop for other services and please get in touch if you wish to know more. You can also follow me as The Wayward Path on Instagram, Facebook, Humanitix and Eventbrite. I also have a newer Instagram feed dedicated to my Serpentine Connections - Drakaina Medousa, if you wish to find me there too.

I look forward to sharing Sacred Space with you soon.

Juniper Rose

The Wayward Path
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The Wayward Path offers a supported space to grow and develop your own Unique Journey with Authenticity and Integrity. 

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